From the Court of Fools

If you're gonna be dumb you gotta be tough!

22 June 1985
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I like my style alternative...
my music metal...
my women curvy...
and my tea milky!

I consider myself to be an artist... what form that eventually takes, I don't know. I'm studying Computer Arts though outwith class everything centres round cartooning, graphic design and sticker art. I love working with marker pens...

Seem to collect books, I would say reading, though a lot of them are for art reference. Really interested in the History of the Witch Hunts, Demonology, the Occult that sort of thing.

I LOVE tea!!!

Also a Circus Freak (in training)- eating light bulbs, sticking spoons up my nose, weights from my eyelids, fire breathing too... such freaky fun!

Cant do normal hair, it has to be green, blue or pink or something or I'm just not a happy bunny.Very into piercings, having 9 (but only 2 in my ears) and tattoos. They're so hot on others too.

This is me, I'd like to meet you. If we have lots in common thats great but not a must... so come say hello :D