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My Birthday Night Out

So it's been a while since I posted. Things have been crazy, busy and not all of it happy but I'm now on top again with something to say. It was my Birthday at the weekend (Sunday) and Saturday night was the grand celebration. It was awesome, we had decided on a Crazy Hat theme and my friends didn't let me down. I've really found a good bunch there and they really got into things properly. We went to Carbon, the Bi-weekly Alternative night at my Uni which was sweet. Only £2 on the door, great music, the best company ever (minus those that wanted too but couldn't.) and I didn't by one drink all night...

Life's funny like that though... nothing seems to be going right, then it pulls one out the bag and your realise what it's really all about. All I can say is after all the Jaegar and Cola I had, the wheelchair comes in soooo handy :)


Here should be the links to the photos... enjoy!

A little about me...

Usually hate filling these things in, but did it as a reply to another post and actually began to enjoy it. So on the off chance you might like a look and chat over it, I thought I'd stick it up here too...

1. First Name: Gav, the El was to add a Luchadourian Mystique

2. Age: 22 for another 8 days... so lets just say 23

3. Location: Born, raised and stuck in Dundee on the East Coast of Scotland

4. Occupation: Poor Student who in 3 weeks takes over as Student President for the next year (long story...) the reasons for which have changed but what can a guy do? The wages may help my escape

5. Partner? Sadly, no...

6. Kids: I like them, but I doubt they're for me. I'm the kind of guy that would fill them full of sugar and hand them back

7. Brothers/Sisters: One identical twin brother and 3 sisters

8. Pets: My stuffed skunk Pebbles, she sits on my windowsill

9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:
1) Being Student President for the next year and the responsibilities that brings
2) Meeting as many new people as I can, more reliable and adventurous friends would be nice (see last question)
3) Saving every last penny I can get my hands on so I'm ready when I find that adventure

10) I'm currently at the University of Abertay Dundee, study Computer Arts. The reason I continued with school was under the belief that getting a degree was important and that it was the right thing to do. The reason for Computer Arts is because I'm seen as an artist, yes, but more to do with the fact the computer allows me to produce the same level of work I could do by traditional means, with my condition (please apply for details). I'm really having second thoughts... REALLY! Recently I met a good number of people that found themselves a decent job with no other ties and seem far happier. But then again that condition of mind would probably prevent me from getting said job. I'm really starting to feel like Van Wilder, and not in the good way. Next year will be my 3rd year at School, but due to issues from the Uni end have only finished 1st. That with my impulse to be Prez, means a Year out too, so by the time I eventually make second I could have almost had a degree :( I really feel like I'm being left behind...

11) Parents: Both, still together if often barely. But there the typical sort, loving, supportive even if it's just 'because we're your parents' bit. All in all they're groovy, they just don't understand me an awful lot

12) Who are some of your closest friends?
Don't feel I have any 'close friends', when I look at what others consider to be close I wouldn't say I had it. Certain things have meant I'm really guarded, I never mean offence by it just people aren't around enough for me to open up, but thats not to say it I wont...


Vampires or werewolves?
I notice too that movies are helping the Vampire cause here... What about the Ginger Snaps trilogy? Now I'm not saying every movie was fantastic but a movie of teenage angst set against the back drop of the late 80's early 90's Grunge scene surely has a place in may peoples hearts? The early days of the modern Alt culture in some ways...
Vampires or werewolves?
I study lots of the lore associated with both and I just love it... I don't know if I could choose. On one hand Vampires are very sexy... one the other my childhood loyality to Dogs always has me routing for the Werewolves. I would have to say though like Evilbutcute, it depends on the Werewolf... if we look like Michael J Fox in Teen Wolf, the hairy human/Chewbacca type it's a no! If its the Wolf with snout and tail walking like a human, definitley.

But seeing as the Were's never really get the same image as the Vamps and we're out numbered... I'm a Werewolf!

I'd also love to hear from She-Wolfs... your even rarer

Fate... more spookiness

Literally, last night just as I'd finished posting my first entry here I get a knock on my window. Now this was like 1.30am and I'm just about to hit the sack, plus living in the town centre knocks happen all the time with the odd drunk so I think nothing of it. Then it knocks again, but I still stay pretty quiet, and review my options...

1. It's still a drunk or atleast somebody I don't want to be opening my door too
2. It's someone I know, drunk or otherwise (but I consider that if it's one of the guys I'd get a call)
3. Being a bit of a dreamer I consider that it may be some magical chance encounter with someone or something able to provide the adventure that side of me would really like... (the Goonies has a lot to answer for!)

Then there's a third knock with a voice, it was my mate Daniel, just needing an ear...

Daniel sells "goth" cup cakes and allsorts at the festivals here over the summer and should have been on his way to Download at Donnington like YESTERDAY whist picking up others on the way... but the driver pulled out (due to last mintue work stuff). So everyone's pissed of at him and he's trying to think of a plan B which isn't fair because everything was sorted and I'm just making sure he wont do anything daft, like a loan shark or something. Festivals come and go, plus it was an accident... but people are fickle.

So not wanting to put himself through uncalled for abuse he crashed here...

Here's where the whole fate bit of this post comes in. Daniel came back this afternoon to say thanks and stuff for last night and we got talking again and he mentioned a spare free ticket to the Reading Festival in a couple of weeks and that I should come along.... WOW! No sooner do I finish posting about wanting to gig and festival than I get the chance to. I've never been to any, let alone know anything as yet about Reading, but hey, it's free and if the music aint my thing the atmosphere will just rule! It's a FESTIVAL!!!

But I really don't want to get my hopes up, you know... it still may not happen, I have a tendency to attract friends full of hot air.... lets be positive on this one, it could be the start of it all!

In other news... I got an overdraft today so I can eat more the peas!
                             But I have no weekend plans :(... yet


It's really spooky how fast time seems to go. This time last week I was meeting one of the best friends I've ever made. Now she might consider that to be a bit of an overstatement but she really is awesome.

Kerry and I met through another site online less than a month ago and seem to just hit it of right away. Though... answering the phone as "Battersea Dog's Home" when she first called wasn't perhaps the brightest idea I've had. We laughed for the first 20 minutes so there couldn't have been a nicer way to break the ice. To tell the truth I don't think we've stopped laughing since then which is a plus for any of my friends and as much as I hate to see this next phone bill, it's been nice to have her around. It's my own fault though, aside from her great northern accent and the best dirty laugh ever (!!!!) she tells the most awesome stories, especially when it comes to online friends and all of her travelling

Anyway, after talking on the phone, texting and surfing MSN everyday since then, last Thursday we finally met. WOW... There's always the worry with meeting in person that they'll never quiet be what you thought. If anything the net didn't do her justice! 

Not that I want pity or anything, but for any one that might read this I should mention I use a wheelchair, having a mild form of Cerebral Palsy. Now I've had my fair share of adventures far and wide, with the odd tale too… (Ask about the Swedish escalator!) But Kerry just happened to remind me there are still lots out there. It’s not that I can’t have the same experience or make the same friends its just a little more work. Work that’s often hard to do. It's not as easy as just jumping a plane. But that’s the thing with Kerry it didn't seem to matter, as though what for me is everyday suddenly felt minor.... plus she introduced me to Jaeger and coke! Oooooooh I love it! 

But now I'm kind of sad... she left on Monday and it just feels like there's a small part of me missing, partying and having fun like no tomorrow suddenly hurts when its back to an empty flat...For ages I've wanted to find similar friends I could gig and visit with, hit all the festivals and travel and I'm told LJ is the place to start. As embarrassed as she probably is by now this first post goes out to her. She's the reason I'm trying to grab life by both hands and get where I want to go... Thanks Kerry xx 

(adventurous people apply within...)